Fungi play a critical role in the functioning of aquatic ecosystems, particularly in the biogeochemical processing of organic carbon. Because of current changes to the global carbon budget, the understanding of functional diversity of aquatic fungi is of paramount importance. They remain largely unknown and their study requires novel methods and interdisciplinary concepts. We will employ a multi-disciplinary approach combining the development of new genetic techniques with experiments in laboratory cultures and natural ecosystems with other project members based at IGB, DSMZ, and ZALF.

Project participants

Michael T. Monaghan – PI/Coord. (IGB)
Hans-Peter Grossart – PI(IGB)
Jörg Overmann – PI (DSMZ)
Katrin Premke – PI (ZALF, IGB)
Andrey Yurkov – PI (DSMZ)
Camila Mazzoni – PI (IZW)
Elizabeth Bourne – PostDoc (IGB)
Christiane Baschien – PostDoc (DSMZ)
Lars Ganzert – PostDoc (IGB)
Felix Heeger – PhD student (IGB)
Robert Taube – PhD student (ZALF)

Involved BeGenDiv members:

Michael T. Monaghan – PI
Camila Mazzoni – PI
Elizabeth Bourne – Molecular biology
Felix Heeger – Bioinformatics

Applied methods:

Development of genetic markers
Hybrid capture

Status at BeGenDiv:


Partner institutes:

Leibniz Institute DSMZ – German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures
The Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF)


PAKT (Leibnitz Association)


2014 – 2017