According on their relation with the particles present in the environment, marine microorganisms are classified into two lifestyles: Free-living (FL) or Attached (ATT). We aimed to study the distribution of organisms in these 2 life-styles by describing the microbial diversity associated to particles of different types, and determining how different oceanographic factors affect the diversity and community structure of microbes in each lifestyle. From cruise NEMO in the NW Mediterranean, we obtained two groups of samples with a particular interest, because of the type of particles present: Samples from depths below 1000 m and samples from nepheloid layers. The diversity of bacteria and archaea in these samples will be analysed with MiSeq (Illumina) of 16S rDNA tags.

Project participants:

Josep M. Gasol – PI
Hans-Peter Grossart – PI (IGB)
Maria Montserrat Sala
Mireia Mestre – PhD student

Involved BeGenDiv members:

Susan Mbedi (library preparation strategy)
Kirsten Richter (library preparation lab)

Applied methods:

Metabarcoding analysis of maritime water samples (target: sSU)
Library prep: combination of PCR and adaptor ligation
Sequencing: Illumina MiSeq

Status at BeGenDiv:


Partner institutes:

Institut de Ciències del Mar-CSIC, Barcelona