archived preprints — not peer-reviewed

Sibelle T Vilaca, Camilla S Lima, Camila J Mazzoni, Fabricio R Santos, Benoit de Thoisy
Manatee genomics supports a special conservation area in the Guianas coastline under the influence of the Amazon River plume

F Heeger, C Wurzbacher, EC Bourne, CJ Mazzoni, MT Monaghan
Combining the 5.8S and ITS2 gene regions to improve classification of fungi

Luana Ferreira Afonso, Danielle Amaral, Marcela Uliano-Silva, André Luiz Quintanilha Torres, Daniel Reis Simas, Mauro de Freitas Rebelo
First Draft Genome of a Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest Burseraceae reveals commercially-promising genes involved in terpenic oleoresins synthesis

S Rutschmann, P Chen, C Zhou, MT Monaghan
Using mitochondrial genomes to infer phylogenetic relationships among the oldest extant winged insects (Palaeoptera)