Fourth Annual BeGenDiv Genomics Symposium

Date: 16 November 2016

Time: 09:00-17:00 (registration opens at 08:30)

Location: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (Natural History Museum), Invalidenstr. 43, 10115 Berlin.


(last updated 13 November 2016)

08:30-09:00 Registration

9:00-9:15 Camila Mazzoni (IZW/ BeGenDiv)
Welcome and Introduction

9:15-9:35 Axel Barlow (Universität Potsdam)
An overview of research in the Evolutionary and Adaptive Genomics group, Potsdam University

9:35-9:50 Michael Grünstäudl (FU Berlin)
Plastid phylogenomics of the Nymphaeaceae and the development of bioinformatic tools

9:50-10:05 Danny Ionescu (IGB)
Community-like genome in single cells of Achromatium sp.

10:05-10:20 Faysal Bibi (Museum für Naturkunde Berlin)
Phylogeography and demographics of Addax, a nearly extinct Saharan antelope

10:20-10:35 Michael Vincent Westbury (Universität Potsdam)
Current population status of the brown hyena (Parahyaena brunnea) inferred from genomic data

10:35-11:15 Coffee break

11:15-11:45 Ralph Tiedemann (Universität Potsdam)
Evolution of electric organ discharge (EOD) in African weakly electric fishes: Genomics and behavioral ecology of a magic trait

11:45-12:05 Thomas von Rintelen (Museum für Naturkunde Berlin)
Taking snails from taxonomy to transcriptomics

12:05-12:25 Michael T. Monaghan (IGB/BeGenDiv)
Metabarcoding microbial communities in lakes and sediments

12:25-12:30 Group photograph
12:30-13:30 LUNCH (provided)

13:30-14:00 Henrik Nilsson (Göteborgs Universitet/ Sweden)
Molecular identification of fungi – challenges and prospects

14:00-14:20 Emanuel Heitlinger (HU Berlin/ IZW)
Multi-amplicon metabarcoding based on microfluidics PCRs – a use case in hyenas

14:20-14:35 Seraina-Emilia Bracamonte (IGB)
The swim bladder nematode Anguillicola crassus modulates immune gene expression in the European eel

14:35-14:50 Alice Dennis (Universität Potsdam)
The transcriptomic basis of infectivity in a parasitoid wasp

14:50-15:10 Jens Rolff (FU Berlin)
What antimicrobials of multi-cellular organisms do to microbes

15:10-17:00 Poster session, coffee, Museum tours, Time for informal discussion

Registration is free and coffee breaks and lunch are provided.

To register, send an email to genomics_biodiv @ that includes:

1. Your name
2. Your affiliation (Institute / University)
3. Your career stage (BSC-MSC-PhD student / Post-Doc / PI)
4. Your talk title and abstract (max. 200 words) / Your poster title

Registration closes 15 October 2016 and is limited to 80 persons.