Courses offered

Freie Universität Berlin
Jointly offered by Biology-Chemistry-Pharmacy and Mathematics and Computer Science faculties

23779 Biodiversity and Evolution
Core module (V-S-Ü)(10 LP) in the Bioinformatics Master’s program
Summer Semesters
(Mazzoni CJ, Monaghan MT)

23780 Environmental Metagenomics
Praxisseminar (5 LP)
Winter Semesters
(Mazzoni CJ, Monaghan MT)

23781 Evolutionary Bioinformatics and Next-Generation Sequencing Applications
Seminar (5 LP)
Winter Semesters
(Arantes L, Mazzoni CJ, Monaghan MT)

23204 Data Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
ABV (Mono-Bachelor) (5 LP)
Winter Semesters
(Monaghan MT)