Collaboration — consortium members

If you are planning to work with us please take a look at the research guidelines that can be downloaded here: Guidelines.
Before a research collaboration can commence, you have to fill out a project form that is provided here as a word document: Project form.
Please send the filled out project form to our e-mail address

Collaboration — non-members

Please contact


Multiplexed amplicon sequencing
RAD sequencing (ddRAD, GBS)
Whole genome sequencing
Hybrid capture

Lab equipment at BeGenDiv

Illumina NextSeq 500
Illumina MiSeq
Covaris S220 Focused-ultrasonicators
Blue Pippin
Agilent Bioanalyzer
Qiagen Tissue Lyser
Plate read fluorometer
DNA/RNA extraction and purification equipment (incl. magnetic bead methods)

Lab equipment – external

Illumina HiSeq
Pacific Biosciences RS II
Agilent Tape Station


Bioinformatics capabilities available at BeGenDiv include powerful computer resources through a High-Performance Computing Partnership with the Freie Universität Berlin and include the Soroban (112 nodes; 1344 cores, 5.25 TB RAM) and Allegro (ca. 1000 cores, 3.5 TB RAM) clusters. The Bioinformatics team at BeGenDiv is in constant development and frequently receives new BSc, MSc and PhD Bioinformatics students from FU-Berlin and worldwide universities who work on specific projects.

Bioinformatics support for projects includes supervision of students, teaching and development of specific pipelines for Biodiversity studies lacking computational tools.

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