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Camila Mazzoni

BeGenDiv Co-lead

Group leader “Evolutionary and Conservation Genomics”

Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research

Research interests:

conservation genomics, population genomics, comparative genomics, phylogenomics,, whole genome sequencing, inter-specfic hybridisation and introgression, iDNA analysis, vertebrate diet analysis.

Contact info:

Phone: +49 30 83859961

Curriculum Vitae

2020 – 2023
Chair of the European Reference Genome Atlas
2015 – today
Independent research group leader: “Evolutionary and Conservation Genomics”, Evolutionary Genetics Department, Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife (IZW), Berlin, Germany
2011 – today Head of Bioinformatics, Berlin Center for Genomics in Biodiversity Research (BeGenDiv), Berlin – Germany
2010 – today Senior Scientist at the Evolutionary Genetics Group, Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife (IZW), Berlin – Germany
2007 – 2009 PostDoctoral Researcher at the Microbial Phylogeography group, Environmental Research Institute – University College Cork, Cork – Ireland
2006 – 2007 PostDoc Fellow at the Bacterial Population Genetics Group MaxPlanck Institute for Infection Biology, Berlin – Germany
2003 – 2006 PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Oswaldo Cruz Institution (Fiocruz), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “Molecular evolution and population genetics of the period gene and multilocus analysis of introgression in sand flies”
2001 – 2003 MSc in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Oswaldo Cruz Institution (Fiocruz), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “Molecular evolution of the period gene in sand flies”
1997 – 2001 BSc in Biological Sciences. University of Rio de Janeiro State, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Driller, M., Brown, T., Currie, S.E., Hiller, M., Winkler, S., Pippel, M., Voigt, C.C., Fickel, J., Mazzoni, C.J. (2024)

A haplotype-resolved reference genome of a long-distance migratory bat, Pipistrellus nathusii (Keyserling & Blasius, 1839).

DNA Research.

Bein, B., Chrysostomakis, I., Arantes, L.S., Brown, T., Gerheim, C., Schell, T., Schneider, C., et al. (2024)

Long-read sequencing and genome assembly of natural history collection samples and challenging specimens.


Arantes, L.S, Caccavo, J.A., Sullivan, J.K., Sparmann, S., Mbedi, S., Höner, O.P., Mazzoni, C.J. (2023)

Scaling-up RADseq methods for large datasets of non-invasive samples.

Molecular Ecology Resources.

Mazzoni, C. J., Ciofi, C., Waterhouse, R. M. (2023)

Biodiversity: An Atlas of European Reference Genomes.

Nature 2023, 619 (7969), 252–252.

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Mammal Mitogenomics from Invertebrate-Derived DNA.

Environmental DNA

Danabalan, R., Planillo, A., Butschkau, S., Deeg, S., Pierre, G., Thion, C., Calvignac-Spencer, S., Kramer-Schadt, S., Mazzoni, C. (2023)

Comparison of Mosquito and Fly Derived DNA as a Tool for Sampling Vertebrate Biodiversity in Suburban Forests in Berlin, Germany.

Environmental DNA

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Divergent Sensory and Immune Gene Evolution in Sea Turtles with Contrasting Demographic and Life Histories.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 120 (7), e2201076120. *co-last authors

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